Sex Talk: Why Your ‘Number’ Means Nothing

Sex Talk: Why Your ‘Number’ Means Nothing

For this week’s Sex Talk, I wanted to touch on a subject that’s common for everyone. At some point in our dating experience, you’ve probably been asked that dreaded question that always makes things a bit more awkward. Everyone has a past filled with a closet of secrets of their own. Before you walked into their life, there was someone else they were trying to form a bond with and unless they’re…

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Blowjobs & Louboutins: Recap Post #1

Blowjobs & Louboutins: Recap Post #1

It’s a nice week vixens and last weekend we debut our new fictional series, ‘Blowjobs & Louboutins’ on the blog. Each week we’ll published a new post chronicling the adventures of our protagonist, Virginia George. As we mentioned in our teaser, the story focuses on the young Virginia – a fashion writer by day and a provocative sex blogger by night living in New York. The series blends the glitzy…

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Sexual Curiosity: Our Interesting Perception of Bisexuality

Sexual Curiosity: Our Interesting Perception of Bisexuality

For our #SexOverCocktails discussion tonight, I wanted to touch on a topic that has also fueled my sexual curiosity. I remember when I was younger one of my very close friends was bisexual. That was word was foreign to me. It wasn’t something you heard growing up. Bisexuality is the romantic and sexual attraction to both sexes. For them, love has no gender it just is what it is. The attraction is…

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#WhyIStayed: The True Pain of Domestic Violence

#WhyIStayed: The True Pain of Domestic Violence

On this blog I like to share my own personal stories with you with gender issues. In light of the recent Ray Rice video and the atrocious actions against his wife, Janay Palmer, many people have had their criticisms regarding the incident followed by the indefinite banning from league. The only thing more disturbing than this man knocking his wife cold was the social media comments that followed.…

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#NYFW Edition: Chromat Debuts SS15 Collection at NY Fashion Week + After Party

#NYFW Edition: Chromat Debuts SS15 Collection at NY Fashion Week + After Party

Chromat+SS15+Formula+15+Runway+Show+4DHr1aJXF3Dl Chromat+SS15+Formula+15+Runway+Show+bgLWO0TcUgil

It’s September and New York Fashion Week is in full swing with a host of parties this past weekend to celebrate a sneak peek of the Spring/Summer 2015 collections from designers. For lingerie lovers, there is one intimates/swimwear brand crossing the boundaries of edgy ready-to-wear for a masterful collection of elegant pieces different from the rest.

Chromat+SS15+Formula+15+Runway+Show+uPtMRXDbLAOl Chromat+SS15+Formula+15+Runway+Show+VjQ87r_III5l

When you get the co-sign from Beyonce…

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Sex Crimes: When Sexting Goes Wrong

Sex Crimes: When Sexting Goes Wrong

It seems like sexting is all over the place nowadays. From celebrities like Jill Scott, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice, and more have been in the headlines this past week for leaked nude photos hitting the internet. While the massive hack and gross invasion of privacy has made everyone tighten up on their privacy, the comments regarding these women is what struck me the most.


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Sex Toy Friday: Maia Wicked Vibrating Love Egg

Sex Toy Friday: Maia Wicked Vibrating Love Egg

With our grand return to the blog sphere comes our traditional Sex Toy Friday special. To kick off the month we’re starting with a tiny but powerful many vibrator that can fit in your hand. The Maia Wicked Vibrating Love Egg from Lovehoney is great option for discreet and erotic fun that never gets old. Don’t be fooled by its small size because Maia promises deliver an explosive orgasm to cap off…

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Teaser: Our New Fictional Series Blowjobs & Louboutins

Teaser: Our New Fictional Series Blowjobs & Louboutins

I’ve dropped some hints about this project on social media a few weeks back and next week I’ll be re-launching our erotic fiction section, The Vixen’s Boudoir with the introduction of our newest weekly fiction series ‘Blowjobs & Louboutins’.

The story focusses on the young Virginia George, a fashion writer and sex blogger living in New York. During the day, she works for the popular online…

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Erotic Opulence: Ludique Lingerie

Erotic Opulence: Ludique Lingerie


For provocative lingerie that brings some heat into the bedroom, Ludique’s elegant brand brings out the seductress in any woman. The Romanian-based brand brings a certain kind of chic, edgy designs with an erotic opulence that makes it stand out for the rest. It’s not meant to be your everyday lingerie but that kind you bring out on those special occasion for your partner to enjoy.

_MG_3362_as_Smart_Object-1 lustful_Ludique_ss13


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Trend Report: Hot Bodysuits

Trend Report: Hot Bodysuits

There’s nothing wrong changing things up in you wardrobe from time to time and there are a lot of lingerie pieces that often find their way into your ready-to-wear collection. The bodysuit has been a staples for both worlds and it’s the right piece can show off your awesome curves in a body-hugging suit fit for an awesome night out. For our fall trend report, we have a few stylish choices for our…

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