Sex Talk: What Do Our Sexual Fantasies Say About Us?

Sex Talk: What Do Our Sexual Fantasies Say About Us?

Have you ever had a dream you wished you never wake up from? That kind of lucid dream where everything feels so real that when you finally wake you wonder if it was truly a dream? Now what is that dream got steamy and the content started getting a little graphic. Suddenly the dream that you’ve become engulfed transforms into a fantasy. I like to think of sexual fantasies as a person’s secret that…

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Vixen Picks: Fleur du Mal

Vixen Picks: Fleur du Mal

Fleur Du Mal is one of those provocative brands the blur the lines of erotica and high-end fashion. Founder and fabulous designer, Jennifer Zuccarini knows a thing or two about sexy lingerie and the brand embodies her signature charm and sex appeal to her designs. The online shopping destination has gathered quite the fan base of chic fashionista looking to bring the sexy back to the wardrobe…

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Into the Sea: Mikoh Swimwear 2014 Collection

Into the Sea: Mikoh Swimwear 2014 Collection

Summer is in full effect and we’re talking sexy designer swimwear that will make you the talk of the beach this season. One of my favorite collections has been Mikoh Swimwear based Orange County, California by creators Oleema and Kalani Miller. Their 2014 collection, Into the Sea features a riveting assortment of sexy, detailed bikinis that embrace the feminine silhouette designed for the modern…

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Sex Talk: Bringing Sex Toys into the Bedroom

Sex Talk: Bringing Sex Toys into the Bedroom

It’s no secret that I have a special place in my heart for pleasure products. Sex toys are a great way to add something different to your usual bedroom romp especially if you’re looking for a new way to arouse your partner into the sheets. In my experience, I came across a lot of people that assume pleasure toys are usually for solo play but they can be even more fun when they are used with…

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Sex Toy Friday: LELO Hula Pleasure Beads

Sex Toy Friday: LELO Hula Pleasure Beads

For this week’s Sex Toy Friday, we’re looking at the beauty of pleasure beads. Similar to beads you use for kegel exercises, pleasure beads takes to up a notch with their sensual vibrations so I knew you can see why I got excited when I got my hands on the Hula Beads from LELO Sweden. What sets these pleasure beads apart from the rest is that it is the world’s first remote-controlled beads that…

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No Nipps Allowed?: Society’s Complex Around Rihanna’s Sexuality

No Nipps Allowed?: Society’s Complex Around Rihanna’s Sexuality

Just in case you weren’t paying attention to the world around you, you may have noticed that international pop star and all-around ‘bad gal’ Rihanna has been on the everyone’s lips lately. It’s not about her latest album, a recent concert, or even whose she’s dating (somewhere Drake is wondering if he made the right decision), it’s about her nipples. Yes probably the smallest parts of her body…

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Sex Talk: Oral Sex 101

Sex Talk: Oral Sex 101

It’s Wednesday and it’s time for Sex Talk /#SexOverCocktailsto chat about. For this week, I have decided to talk about a special topic that is one of my favorites. It’s the appetizer before the main entrée and helps you set the mood for occasion. It is where the fun begins and where you get to see if you have mastered the art of tease. Now I am a firm believer that oral sex is the basics for any…

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Sex Toy Friday: Minna Life Ola Vibrator

Sex Toy Friday: Minna Life Ola Vibrator

It’s Sex Toy Friday and I have a new review for one of my favorite pleasure toys for my vixens. During my naughty shopping spree for orgasmic bliss, I came across the Minna Life Ola Vibrator. What makes this pleasure toy special is the innovative squeeze control that allows you to set the mood for the occasion. It’s no wonder why this little treasure is growing so popular. The concept is simple –…

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Sex Talk: Intro to Squirting

Sex Talk: Intro to Squirting

Today we’re tackling a legendary myth on the blog for our Sex Talk series. This is topic you have to tread carefully because for many there’s debate or whether it’s an actual phenomenon or is it all just smoke and mirrors. Whenever the topic of squirting, I feel myself reverting back into my old ways of shyness and shudder at the idea because like most I thought that was something only porn stars…

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Shopping While Petite: Lingerie for the Small Chested Woman

Shopping While Petite: Lingerie for the Small Chested Woman

A while back I wrote an essay for the Lingerie Addictabout the complexities about being petite lingerie lover in a world full of beautiful busty bras. Since then I have only continued to grow and become more comfortable with my small frame and teacup bosom. For those who are small chested, you may know a thing or two already about this topic. I call it “Shopping While Petite”. Yes such a thing…

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